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((Mao is a character from the anime Darker Than BLACK, property of BONES and Funimation. I am affiliated with neither, and this journal is just for non-profit entertainment purposes only. Oh, and the banner below is mine. If you want to use, please credit [personal profile] no_apologies))

Mao is a Contractor, one of several individuals who have supernatural abilities of various sorts (mutants basically), who has lost his original human body and now resides within that of a black cat. His messier code is HM-432.

Each Contractor has a Messier Code (or Messier Catalogue Number). It is a way of identifying Contractors. Its name in the anime is derived from that of the astronomer Charles Messier. Ten years ago, during the time when the gates first came into being, the Stars were replaced by False Stars. This was the time when Contractors came into being. Each False Star has a corresponding Contractor, and they vibrate when their Contractor's power is being used. As such, Contractors are usually identified by their star. Accordingly, when a Contractor dies, their false star can be seen falling from the sky.

His human consciousness is directly connected to a wireless network which enables him to send and receive information at any time. Mao usually creates diversions for his partner Hei (or BK 201) during mercenary or assassination missions. Mao's ability is to spirit possess the bodies of other animals within his line of sight.

Personality: He's sharp, intelligent, and wouldn't rely on anyone for help if caught in danger or trapped in an enemy base, no matter how scary a situation. Mao always makes logical over emotional decisions, which is the trademark of most Contractors. Due to this, he sometimes finds it hard to understand his comrade Hei, and takes a great interest in watching him react to situations in an unorthodox manner. He feared the Syndicate's disapproval and on occasion is able to receive direct orders from the top. Although he worked for the Syndicate, he had shown to reamain loyal to his comrades, as he on more than one occasion, has hidden information about his partners from the Syndicate.

Even though Mao and his unit are no longer working for the Syndicate, he still did what he could to be of help to the rest of his comrades who have gone rogue - up until his supposed death. His consciousness had found another wireless internet server to hook up to, and he had survived within the same cat body.

Aside from mission-related activities, he's more laid back. Around friends, Mao, unlike most Contractors, is able to express his emotions and care about the people who matter to him.

Misc. Notes: Although Mao is able to use his Contractor power, the need for a payment (an action to do in payment of using powers - which vary) is not present. Whenever he's not needed for a mission, he normally sleeps and eats like any cat would do.

He hates the spring time, when many female cats go in heat. Mao would rather avoid all attacks and advances than participate.

Where Mao receives his emails. His inbox is encrypted, and he only gives out the password to message him to those he trusts.

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